Eduroam – Connect Windows 7

These instructions explain how to connect a Windows 7 computer to the eduroam wireless network.

  1. Download and run the eduroam Windows 7 set-up wizard.
    N.B. If you have downloaded the wizard in the past, delete the copy you have, and download it again from the link above. This will ensure you are using the latest version.
  2. Continue through the set-up wizard. When asked for your Username and Password use (e.g and your University Password to log onto computers. Please note, the end has to be “” do not use “” or “”
  3. Once the set-up wizard has completed, choose eduroam from the list of available wireless networks, and click connect

You should now be now connected to eduroam. If you need help, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Connecting to the wired network in Halls of Residence

  1. After running the setup file above, Click “Start” and in the search box type: ncpa.cpl
  2. Click on “ncpa.cpl” which should be under programs
  3. Right Click on “Local Area Connection” and then click on “Properties”
  4. Click on the “Authentication” tab at the top of the property window
  5. Authentication Window

  6. Untick the tickbox labeled “Fallback to unauthorized network access”
  7. Click “OK”
  8. Plug in the network cable
  9. When the yellow bubble pops up, click on it and enter your Bristol username with added on to the end, for example
    (Please do not use as that will cause problems when connecting to other University services, including Print Release)
    Credentials bubble

    Credentials window
  10. Wired internet should now work. If you need help, please contact the IT Service Desk.
IPv6 ready! at 09:23, 11 Jan 21