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Having problems?

If you run into problems with the wireless service there could be a variety of causes. In order for us to help you as efficiently as possible, please follow the steps below :

  1. Check both the IT status page to confirm that there are currently no known problems with the service.
  2. Check you are in a location that has good wireless coverage.
  3. Check you have followed the connection instructions properly (eduroam instructions for students and staff).
  4. Check the frequently asked questions list – the solution to your problem may already be listed.
  5. Try to follow the Troubleshooting guide (for staff & students).
  6. Gather as much information you can about your problem and then contact the IT Service Desk.

When contacting the IT Service Desk you must include at least:

It is also very helpful if you can include:

  • Any error text/error numbers displayed on your computer.
  • The exact time you had the problem.
  • Your exact location on campus at the time of the problem.

These details will help us find you amongst the enormous about of debugging information we can search through.

Contact details for the IT Service Desk

If you have any questions the IT Service Desk are here to help.

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