From 1st May 2019 access for visitors will be via UoB Guest rather than The Cloud.  Access will be granted via social media login (Facebook, Twitter and Google) or via SMS text message.  UoB Guest is available is a small number of locations (Great George Street, Goldney House and St Georges) for testing purposes.

Welcoming University visitors and enabling effective collaboration is essential. The University provides both eduroam and The Cloud wireless services in all campus wireless locations.  The Cloud can also be used free of charge by members of the public from places such as our coffee shops.

How do I connect to The Cloud?

Staff,  students and visitors capable of using eduroam should do so in preference to The Cloud.  If you still want to use The Cloud then connecting is easy.

  1. Connect to the The Cloud wireless signal
  2. Once connected, open your web browser and visit
  3. You will be redirected to The Cloud’s landing page where you can register or login with your account

Once logged in you’re good to go! Please note that web based apps will not work until the connection has been established and you have signed in successfully via your web browser.

Are there specific instructions for my device?

The Cloud provide specific connection instructions for many devices.

My device will not connect.  How do I get support?

Please check The Cloud’s support page for any known issues or you can contact The Cloud directly for support.

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