Regulations & AUPs

When using the University’s wireless services you must obey various regulations and acceptable use policies. These broadly fall into three categories which are detailed below:

  1. The Law
  2. Use of the University’s wireless services is subject to applicable law.

  3. The policies and regulations of the University
  4. Use of the wireless University’s wireless services and wireless equipment at University is subject to the policies and regulations of the University. These include:

  5. Wireless service regulations
    • Acceptance of responsibility: A user will be held responsible for any breach of regulations carried out using a connection authenticated with their username. This includes action taken by others.
    • Identification: You must not attempt to authenticate yourself using another person’s or organisation’s credentials.
    • Network security: The University reserves the right to conduct scans of the network in order to determine what computers are connected to it and what services they are operating. You may not configure your computer to use any network address other than those allocated to you.
    • Computer security: You must ensure that your computer has up to date anti-virus software and that all operating system updates and other security updates are installed. You must remove any malware found on your computer.
    • Service operation: You must not do anything that interferes with the operation of the wireless service. This includes using an unfair or excessive share of the available network bandwidth.
    • Copyright: It is illegal and against University regulations to copy or share movies, music, software and other copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder. You must not do this, whether intentionally or as a failure to correctly configure a file sharing program on your computer.
    • Eduroam extra policies: When using the eduroam service, you must also obey the JANET eduroam policy and any policies of organisation providing the eduroam access.
    • Data protection: Staff – Personal data can only be processed under strictly limited circumstances, and never on computers not owned by the University. See Processing data.

Penalties for misuse

  • Withdrawal of facilities: IT Services may withdraw or restrict your access to the wireless service or other IT Services.
  • Disciplinary action:Any breach of regulations may be reported to your Head of Department. In more serious or repeated minor cases, a breach of University regulations may be reported to the Vice-Chancellor to be dealt with under the University’s disciplinary procedures.
  • Fines: IT Services may request that a user be charged for extra work that has arisen as the result of computer misuse.
  • Police action: When required to do so, or when the University deems necessary, the University may inform the police.
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