Visiting Bristol

Visitors from any other eduroam participating organisation will be able to use eduroam at Bristol. Visitors should note the following key points:

  • You must follow your own organisation’s eduroam setup instructions – The Bristol instructions will only work for Bristol users
  • Try to set-up eduroam on your computer at your home organisation before coming to Bristol. This way it will be easier to liaise with your IT support team, if needed.
  • The name of the wireless network (SSID) for eduroam at Bristol is eduroam
  • Eduroam is available at all Bristol wireless locations.
  • Please abide by Bristol’s AUPs as well as those of your home organisation, and JANET when using the service at Bristol.
  • You should contact your home organisation if you need help or support while using eduroam at Bristol. However you can contact the Bristol Wireless Team via the IT Service Desk
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