FAQ: What about other eduroam locations in Bristol?

eduroam is also available at University of the West of England and at locations where Bristol City Council (BCC), University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (UHBristol) and Bristol University have worked together to provide eduroam.

University of Bristol users using eduroam at a BCC or UHBristol locations will still be connected via Bristol University’s network, unlike when you use eduroam at a different University.

However there are some differences you might need to be aware of:

  • Only the “eduroam” wireless signal is provided at BCC and UHBristol eduroam locations. The “Bristol-WiFi-Setup” open network is not available. This network provides access to the eduroam set-up instructions, so if you have not yet set-up eduroam on you computer, you may find it easier to visit a normal campus location to do this first.
  • At a BCC or UHBristol eduroam location you may not be able to directly access some file shares, shared printers or other eResources. If you find that you can’t get to a particular resource at a BCC or UHBristol eduroam location but can normally via eduroam on campus, please contact the IT Service Desk with details of what you are trying to access and where you are. Please include your IP / MAC address if you know how to determine these.
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