FAQ: Configuring eduroam away from Bristol

On campus at Bristol the “Bristol-WiFi-Setup” wireless signal allows you to easily access eduroam set-up instructions and download set-up wizards. For this reason, and ease of access to the IT Service Desk, we recommend configuring eduroam while on campus at Bristol.

There may be occasions when you need to get set-up and you are already away from Bristol, for example if your computer loses the settings, or you need to update your settings. In these cases we suggest the following:

  1. Find an alternative Internet connection e.g. 3G / Mobile broadband, or a cafe or town library with Wi-Fi. You can then perform the set-up, even if you are not at an eduroam location. Having done this your computer will either automatically connect to eduroam when you are in range of the signal, or may prompt you to enter your username (with @bristol.ac.uk on the end) and password, and then connect.
  2. If no other Internet connection is available, you may be able to ask a trusted party to download any files you need to a USB memory stick or CD e.g. ask the IT Help Desk of the organisation you are visiting whether they can do this for you. If you don’t need any files, finding someone who can print the instructions for you may be a solution.
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