FAQ: Support available when using eduroam at another organisation

Eduroam users visiting Bristol

You should contact your home organisation initially if you need support with your eduroam connection at Bristol. If you still have problems, or this isn’t possible (e.g. your home organisation is in a different time zone) please contact the Bristol IT Service Desk. The majority of the required configuration for eduroam depends on your home organisation, so it may be impossible to resolve your problem without all the necessary information.

If you need to contact the Bristol eduroam team, you/your organisation’s support team can email service-deskNoSPAM@bristol.ac.uk

Bristol eduroam users visiting other organisations

There are three simple things to check if you’re having a problem with eduroam at another organisation:

  1. Check you are in an official eduroam location, that your computer can see a strong signal and that the wireless functionality on your computer is actually enabled.
  2. When you login to eduroam, check that you have remembered to append the suffix @bristol.ac.uk on to the end of your username, e.g. ab12345@bristol.ac.uk

If you still have problems, you should try to contact the Bristol IT Service Desk initially – the organisation you are visiting has no obligation to help you, especially if they are particularly busy. However, most organisations will try and help you if they have the resources available to do so.

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