Eduroam – Connect Android

These instructions explain how to connect an Android device to the eduroam wireless service

Please note that Android versions above 10.0 may not work on eduroam.

  1. Connect to your 3G connection or the Bristol-WiFi-Setup open wireless network.
  2. Open the web browser and go to:
  3. Use the following settings:Android screenshot: Certificate
    • Type University of Bristol CA if asked to name the certificate.
    • Select WiFi if asked for the credential use.
    • Note: if the certificate does not install automatically then you’ll find it in your Downloads folder and you can run it from there.
    • Note: to save the certificate, your phone screen-lock must use a password or PIN
  4. Go to the home/start screen
  5. Choose Settings
  6. Choose Wi-Fi. On older devices, you might have to choose Wireless & Networks first, then Wi-Fi settings.Android screenshot: Main Settings
  7. Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled. A list of available networks should appear as below:Android screenshot: List of Networks
  8. Press and hold on eduroam. Choose Edit network settings, or Connect to network if the edit option isn’t listed.
  9. Set the following options:
    • Set EAP Type / EAP Method to PEAP
    • Set Phase 2 Authentication or Subtype to MSCHAPV2
    • Set CA Certificate to University of Bristol Net CA
    • “Domain” must be left blank (Android 7 says you must specify a domain but leave it blank, it will still save)
    • Leave User Certificate or Client Certificate blank
    • Set Identity or Username to your Bristol username with added on to the end. For example:
    • Set Anonymous Identity to
    • Stop and re-check the previous two entries: check there are no spaces and all the letters are lowercase (Android will sometimes automatically add a space, or change ‘uk’ to ‘UK’, either of which will prevent your connection succeeding.
    • Set Password to your normal Bristol password that you use to log into computers
  10. Click Save
  11. If you previously connected to the network Bristol-Wifi-Setup then you need to long press on this network and select “Forget”Android screenshot
  12. Android should now connect automatically to eduroam

Note: On newer versions of Android (4.4 onwards) you may get a message “Network may be monitored by an unknown third party“. This warning can be pretty scary and is really badly worded by Google. It appears because we install a user certificate (in steps 2 and 3) that Google does not trust but, importantly, we (the University) do trust this certificate so any warnings your device provides can be disregarded (open the notification bar and slide it off) – do not attempt to remove the certificate as doing so will make your user credentials vulnerable.


IPv6 ready!
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