Eduroam – Connect Chromebook

You won’t be able to connect to eduroam from the login screen, so if you’ve never logged in to your Chromebook before or Chrome needs to go online to verify your password, you’ll need to use a different connection (The Cloud can be used temporarily for this purpose). Also, you will not be able to complete these instructions if you log in as “Guest”.

There are two main steps to complete:

  1. Import the University’s Net CA Certificate
  2. Configure wireless settings

Import the University’s Net CA Certificate

  1. Connect to the open Bristol-WiFi-Setup wireless network
  2. Download this file to your Chromebook:
  3. Open this page: chrome://settings/certificates
    (copy and paste this to the address bar)
  4. Change to the Authorities tab and click Import
  5. Choose the file you downloaded in the previous step above
  6. When asked Do you want to trust “University of Bristol Net CA”, click OK (you don’t need to tick any of the boxes)
  7. Fully shut down and restart the Chromebook

Configure wireless settings

  1. Choose eduroam in the list of available wireless networks
  2. Select Configure at the bottom of the list
  3. Choose PEAP as the EAP method
  4. Choose MSCHAPv2 as the Phase 2 authentication
  5. Set Server CA certificate to University of Bristol Net CA
  6. Enter your Bristol username in the Identity box e.g. ab12345
  7. Enter your Bristol password in the Password box
  8. Set Anonymous identity to
  9. Tick the Save identity and password option and click the Connect button
  10. Your Chromebook will now connect.
  11. If prompted, when the Continue button becomes enabled, click it.
IPv6 ready!
2001:630:e4:4220:44f6:1f75:f34a:8ddb at 14:56, 08 Jan 21