Eduroam – Connect iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

These instructions explain how to connect a iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the eduroam wireless network:

• Open Safari (The profile will not load in other browsers such as chrome), and navigate to this web page

• The first step is to load a settings profile on to your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad. When the profile loads, you should choose Install, enter your Bristol username with added on to the end e.g., and then enter your password.

If you are asked for a four digit number, this is your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad‘s PIN number – it will be whatever you set it to.

Click here to load the wireless settings profile

• To complete the set-up, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main screen of your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
  2. Press the Settings icon
  3. Choose Wi-Fi
  4. Ensure the Wi-Fi slider is set to On
  5. Press the (>) on the Bristol-WiFi-Setup line. Then press Forget this Network. Then go back by pressing Wi-Fi Networks
  6. Press on eduroam to connect to the internet

Your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad will automatically connect to eduroam in future. Do not connect to Bristol-WiFi-Setup unless you need to re-setup your device.

IPv6 ready!
2001:630:e4:4220:44f6:1f75:f34a:8ddb at 14:56, 08 Jan 21