Eduroam – Connect macOS

These instructions explain how to connect macOS devices to the eduroam wireless network.
If you are using version of macOS older than macOS High Sierra (10.13), you need to upgrade your operating system to one that is supported by Apple.

When on campus connect to the Bristol-Wifi-Setup network. Once connected please download the UoB Eduroam installer.

If you have a wired connection to the University network please download UoB Eduroam (wired) installer for macOS.

If you have an alternative wireless or wired connection

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the ‘Download your eduroam installer’ button
  3. Select ‘University of Bristol’ from the list of organisations
  4. Select ‘eduroam’ or ‘eduroam wireless only’
  5. Select ‘Download your Eduroam Installer for your Apple device’
  6. Use the built-in browser (Safari) to open the configutation file. This will install the profile, prompt to accept the server certificate authority and present the Eduroam login prompt.
  7. Enter your UoB username (e.g. and password to establish a UoB Eduroam connection.
IPv6 ready!
2001:630:e4:4280::1b32 at 15:22, 17 May 22